random thoughts and scribbles that comes to mind

Simple breafast! looks great though!.. I made these for breakfast yesterday!..^^

88. I want a siberean husky with blue and green eyes…so adorable..

87. I think I’m addicted to whip cream…LOL

86. I already have my drivers liscence but I can’t drive because it’s raining..

85. I already have my student permit for driving and I’m gonna learn how to drive soon.. yey..¬†

84. When things get awkward in a movie.. I just change the channel..

83. I was born May 17, and when people ask me about my age..I would say forever 18!..LOL

82. I don’t think I’m good with people..

81. I’m a visual and auditory learner..

Henry (Super Junior-M) and Amber (fx)’s happy holiday greeting for every one! ENJOY!..